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Safety in the mountains

Magnificent through they are, the mountains present a number of dangers. Keeping safe in the mountains allows us to limit these risks and enjoy their beauty to the full.

Whether we’re talking about extreme mountaineering or simple hikes along a mountain path, all activities are subject to risks and these MUST be reduced to a minimum.



It is advisable to enlist the assistance of professionals when tackling mountain activities, but this does not mean we should not be familiar with the environment we are exploring. It is also important to maintain a critical approach and make our own considerations.


A few tips:  

  • Choose your destination carefully, taking account of the season and those travelling with you.
  • Plan your itinerary in advance (considering weather conditions, terrain, difficulties and timing).
  • Check your equipment before setting off and make sure it is appropriate for the type of routes you plan to tackle.
  • Set off early in the morning so you have as many hours of daylight at your disposal as possible.
  • Plan breaks and time to rest.
  • Proceed according to the mountain conditions (increase safety distance if there is the risk of falling rocks, decrease it in the event of poor visibility).
  • Take care when crossing snow fields, which should be tackled with ski poles or ice axes.
  • Secure children with a shorter rope.
  • Avoid risky slides on snow fields.
  • Make sure you can quickly recognise changes in the weather conditions.
  • Retrace your steps in the event of bad weather: fog and poor weather conditions make it more difficult to find your way.
  • Before setting off, let the refuge or hotel manager know where you are headed and what time you expect to be back.


Rules of behaviour on the slopes


Meteo Dolomiti weather report and Avalanche Report by ARPA Veneto


Become a member of Dolomiti Emergency: a policy for the refund of expenses and transport covers the cost of searching for missing people, rescue, recovery and transport using any means, including helicopter, anywhere in Europe.