Sottoguda: the Serrai

The Serrai di Sottoguda are also the ideal setting for relaxing family hikes in the summer: a large number of legends children will love, are illustrated along the route, such as the one featuring King Ombro and his daughter Ombretta, turned to stone by her stepmother.


The Serrai are accessible during the winter months, when the canyon can be explored in the midst of a delightful natural landscape made up of the numerous frozen waterfalls that flank the route, making it irresistibly attractive to climbers from all over the world.


The Serrai, created first by the erosion of the glaciers and then by the erosion of the Pettorina Torrent, can be reached either by starting out from the valley and heading up towards Malga Ciapela or by heading down towards Sottoguda: in both directions, you will be struck by the marvellous landscape, meeting the Franzei waterfall along the way, as well as the little church of Sant'Antonio and the statue of the Madonna dei Serrai, set in a natural grotto.


In winter, Sottoguda is the perfect place to go ice climbing in the famous Serrai di Sottoguda, a deep natural gorge around two kilometres in length, carved out into the rock between Malga Ciapela, the departure station of the Marmolada cableway, and Sottoguda. Closed in between huge rock walls that dash downwards, this canyon is the best known and most popular ice climbing area in the Dolomites, with its rock walls and frozen waterfalls offering unique thrills for fans of this exciting sport, as well as breath-taking scenery for all visitors to enjoy.


 The parking is to pay:

30 minutes minimun € 0,80

1 hour € 1,50

All day € 6,00

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The tourist office, which looks onto the area in front of the little church of Sottoguda, is open all year round to provide information and welcome visitors and issue F.I.S.I., permits for mushroom picking, free wi-fi amongst other services.


Due to weather conditions, the competent authorities could issue a temporary closing order of the Serrai di Sottoguda canyon for safety reason. More informations at the Tourist Office of Sottoguda.